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Lavender By The Bay

Lazy Sunday at Lavender By the Bay in East Marion, NY

This Sunday my mom and I made a trip to East Marion to visit Lavender By the Bay‘s Lavender fields. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, as soon as you step outside, the wonderful calming scent of lavender surrounds you.
The Lavender Fields

There are several varieties of lavender available for both picking, and purchasing. Pre-packaged bags are full of sweet English Lavender for baking or brewing tea.


Fresh Cut Lavender

The flowers are abundant and hang from the ceilings in the rustic wood barn, making for a very quaint and charming retail spot.

The woman working at the store was incredibly helpful. She answered all of my questions about baking, cooking, and infusing with lavender, and had me taste each variety as well as offering suggestions. She also informed me that Lavender by the Bay travels into New York City every Monday and Friday to sell their products at the GreenMarket in Union Square.

I look forward to visiting the farm again in late July when they harvest their Lavender Honey. Until then, I hope to experiment with the lavender I purchased, and make some tasty treats and cocktails.

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